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mobi c 2 spine device

Cervical Artificial Disc (non-fusion)

Degenerative Cervical Spine Pathology

Degenerative cervical spinal pathology may result in a damaged disc that can cause pain. When a disc degenerates, the disc:

  • Loses water. With less water the disc becomes thinner and has less padding to absorb movement. The disc may become less flexible.
  • Tiny tears or cracks may occur in the outer layer of the disc ( annulus fibrosus)
  • Can cause the inner disc to squeeze through the out disc (disc herniation)
  • Spinal canal can narrow and pinch the cord and nerves ( spinal canal stenosis)

Non-Fusion Cervical Disc

The Mobi-C is an artificial disc for the neck. The Mobi-C has three parts: Two metal plates and a plastic insert in the middle. The plates are made up of a mix of metals commonly used in spine surgery such as cobalt, chromium, and molybdenum. The plates have teeth on the top and bottom that help hold the plates to the vertebrae. The teeth are pressed int othe bone with no bone to cut out, which makes the Mobi-C design and technique bone sparing.

The Mobi-C comes in many sizes. Dr. Wharton will choose the size that best fits your disc.

How does the Mobi-C move?

The top plate moves over the insert. The insert slides across and twists over the bottom plate.

The miscles and soft tissue in your neck move the vertebrae and the attached Mobi-C plates. Wihtt he vertebrae and muscle movement, the Mobi-C is free to twist and slide left-to-right and front-to-back.

Are you a candidate

Dr. Wharton will evaluate and determine the best cervical spine surgery solution for each individual case and discuss all details with you during evaluation and consultations.




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