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Interlaminar Spacers for Treatment of Spinal Stenosis

In a healthy spine, there is space between the spinal nerves and the borders of the spinal canal. This space allows the spinal sac of nerves and nerves leaving the spine to exit the spinal canal freely and extend to different parts of the body.

However, with spinal stenosis, the spinal canal space is smaller, making it crowded and difficult for these nerve roots to exit freely through the foramen. As we age, the tissue in our spine that connects bones together (ligaments) may start to thicken and harden from arthritis, discs may start to collapse and bulge (or herniate), and bone spurs, known as osteophytes, may grow on bone in the spine. All of these things narrow the amount of space in the spinal canal, reducing the nerve’s ability to exit and extend to your lower extremities. Therefore, the nerves in the lumbar spine become compressed, causing pain in the lower back, buttocks and legs.
The coflex® Interlaminar Stabilization™ device is a titanium implant that goes in the back of your spine to treat moderate to severe spinal stenosis. After your surgeon performs a decompression that can remove bone, facet, ligament and/or disc segments from the narrowed spinal canal, your spine can become unstable. The coflex® device is inserted to help keep your spine stable while maintaining normal height and motion in your spine after surgical decompression. The design and location of the coflex® device in your back helps offset the joints in your spine that are contributing to your back and leg symptoms.
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