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ioflex system

Minimally Invasive High-Precision Decompression

Decompression involves cutting away overgrown bone and tissue to relieve pressure around the impacted nerve.The majority of lumbar stenosis patients have good results with decompression, and most will leave the hospital in a few days and return to normal activities in only a few weeks.

Traditional decompression instruments are rigid and knife-like in design, limiting their ability to access all three areas of the spine where lumbar stenosis occurs. The failure to remove all stenosis will result in poor surgical outcomes almost 60% of the time, resulting in recurring pain or the possibility of another procedure.  To reduce the possibility of these issues, and reduce complications such as instability of the spine, we utilize a new alternative system called the iO-Flex System.

Three Advantages to the System

  1. Minimally Invasive Surgery Procedure
    Less invasive and traumatic, leading to shorter operating times and hospital stays.
    Only instrument able to reach and relieve pressure surrounding up to two nerves on each side of the spine, through one small incision
  2. Targets all Three Areas of Stenosis
    System offers improved access to target all three areas of lumbar stenosis, which occur in the lateral recess, foramen and central canal where the nerves exit the spine and travel to the lower half of the body.
  3. Preserves Healthy Bone and Tissue
    MicroBlade Shaver instrument is guided by a Guidewire into hard to reach areas where stenosis can occur
    Tissue-sparing instruments preserve healthy bone, ligaments and muscle to help maintain spinal stability

In both decompression and fusion applications, the minimally-invasive approach of the iO-Flex System instruments allows for safe, complete and precise removal of soft tissue and osseous tissue to achieve thorough direct decompression while preserving the stabilizing structures of the spine meeting the clinical needs and goals of a spinal decompression procedure.

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